Balochistan Rural Development & Research Society (BRDRS)

BRDRS Mission Statement

To provide facilitation and support in the empowerment of socially and economically deprived and disadvantaged communities of the area

BRDRS Vission Statement

To promote and develop a culture in the Area where the people can live a free, educated and civilized life.

Welcome to BRDRS

The Balochistan Rural Development & Research Society (BRDRS) established by a group of young development professionals, as the members, representing the conscious class of society, they decided to take an initiative of providing social services to the deprived masses of the area. BRDRS is registered under the social welfare Registration and control Ordinance 1961. It is registered on 24th July 2002 and having registration # DSW 1188 BRDRS is having its head Office at Quetta Balochistan Pakistan. The organization is having an independent Board of directors who serve and look after all the matters of the organization. The organization conducts it election and audit yearly on regular basis.

BRDRS Objectives

  1. To provide support, guidance and assistance to the rural communities in the struggle against the illiteracy, poverty, ill-social practices, gender bias, apathy and community-schism through training, awareness creation campaigns, service delivery, and human resource development.
  2. To provide social, educational, technical, scientific, managerial and administrative services required by the community for the improvement of their unfavorable and distressing socio-economic conditions.
  3. To encourage, support, strengthen and replicate models of and strategies for sustainable.

Our Partners

Chief Executive Officer Message

Ihtram Majeed


  • In the 50 years since independence, Pakistan has achieved a fair measure of economic growth, but has so far been unable to secure sustained progress in human development. An industrial base and business activity have developed primarily in urban centers

  • while traditional economic and social structures persist in many rural areas. Nearly one third of the country's 140 million people live in poverty. The girl child faces greater risks to survival, is more subject to violence and abuse, and has less access to education, proper nutrition and health services..

  • The low status of children and women is a manifestation of low literacy levels, wide gaps between legislation and enforcement, and limited participation in civil society.

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